Bernadette Giacomazzo: Who Am I?

My name is Bernadette Giacomazzo.
I, however, prefer just Bernadette. (Not Bernie, Bern, Dette, or any abbreviation thereof…just Bernadette.)

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve worked with a lot, and I’ve accomplished a lot.
Since it’s really difficult to condense 20 years of accomplishments into a few short sentences, I created a page that covers pretty much everything, which you can see here.

And while that’s all good and fine…and certainly, nothing to sneeze at…I realized that I wanted a life that was more fulfilling than the one I was leading, and have been leading, for nearly two decades.

So, I decided to shift my focus.

Bernadette Giacomazzo: The Next Chapter

I’m still going to be writing for different outlets…but instead of flogging the latest “superstar” (oh, how many have I seen come and go in 20 years…), I’ll be writing about people, places, and things that I want to write about.

I’m still going to be taking pictures for different wires…but instead of trying to get that elusive “shot” for whatever gossip rag needs a picture to match their latest PR planted story line, I’ll be shooting the subjects I want to shoot, based on my appreciation of their work and on the love of the art of photography.

I’m still going to do my podcast…but I’ll be talking to the people I want to talk to about the subjects that matter, without concern for who’s promoting what project today. I’ll also be turning my attention to more academic pursuits…hopefully (putting this out into the Universe now…) culminating with a TED Talk.

And finally, I’ll still be writing books…you already know about Swimming with Sharks, but there’s a new series I’m working on that I’m most excited about. And unlike my previous efforts, which were in the non-fiction realm, this series will be fiction…science fiction/fantasy, to be precise.

Bernadette Giacomazzo: A Final Word

So, I haven’t left the business, nor have I been unceremoniously “pushed out.” (Considering this fulsome nonsense is coming from people who were never “in” the business in the first place, it’s completely laughable…and even if they started right now, at this very second, they wouldn’t achieve a fraction of what I’ve achieved in 20 years…)
I just decided it was time to grow up…and grow away…and to stop living for others and to start living for myself.

Some may call it selfish…but I contend that you can’t help others unless you help yourself.

But most important of all: I want to do something for my nephews to be proud of. And as the oldest one recently told me: they’re proudest of me when I’m my authentic self.

So here I am.


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